Nuke The Moon is a short film  in the process of being made by a group of film students in Southern California. Nearly all of the filming has been completed and the project is currently in post production. Here is a brief story outline (based on a true story):

Upper division US Air Force men watch in dismay as Sputnik’s maiden voyage parades on American news. Theo, a WWII vet and former HS football star, proposes a plan to raise America’s downcast spirits by nuking the moon. Other officials agree to the project, to the astonishment of Leonard, a USAF scientist and mathematician, who is accused of having Communist sympathies when he questions the plan (internet sensation Matthew Weathers plays Leonard). 2 years later the module is finally ready, but on the day scheduled for launch, Theo is presented with a series of potentially life-threatening technical problems recently discovered in the spacecraft. He disregards the warnings until a final observation is made that the nuclear fallout resulting from the blow will render the moon uninhabitable for future generations. Theo aborts mission.


Nuke The Moon Press Kit