Screenshot from NTM: Theo and Jr. watch the screen in amazement.

About a month ago, nobody had heard of Project A119. When a good friend of mine had shared the then unpopular Wikipedia article about the project, I delighted in the sheer comedy of the story and began to share the story with as many people as would listen until finally somebody suggested that I use the story for my cinematography final project.

We finished filming Nov. 16-18th. It’s unbelievable that in less than two weeks, the story has since become widespread!

I was simply astonished when several people began sending me the link to CNN’s article about the once secret government project–and it’s not just CNN–the news world is exploding with this story!

Well the cat’s out of the bag. The punch line of the film was intended to be the fact that it’s based on a true story, but now our thunder has been stolen to an extent, since this story is soon likely to become common trivia knowledge. Nonetheless, the short film will be a blast (get it? nukes?) and I’m glad that this news break is encouraging me to keep the ball rolling before A119 becomes old news.

Keep an eye out here for updates on the project–we’ll be launching the Kickstarter pretty soon, too.

-Josh Nelson