Leonard (Matthew Weathers) Poster

Ask any of his students and they’ll tell you that Professor Matthew Weathers is no ordinary man. Not only is he a jedi-smart math teacher, technological genius, and YouTube, but he’s also a… Continue reading

Nuke The Moon Trailer Posted

Getting closer to lift off… Only a few more pickup shots and some post production before the screening of the somewhat-historically-accurate comedy, Nuke The Moon. Check out the trailer with all the beautiful… Continue reading

Nuke The Moon Promotional Poster

Nuke The Moon’s lead character, Theo (played by the handsome Dirk Tiche), displays a face of a man determined to win the Cold War. This poster, as one might notice from the large… Continue reading

Nuke The Moon Teaser

Short clip from Nuke The Moon featuring 50’s US government honcho, Theo Weatherby (Dirk Tiche), presenting his plan to nuke the moon–Leonard (YouTube sensation Matthew Weathers: goo.gl/HizLj) seems to be the only person… Continue reading

Hold Tight!

We’re thrilled to see that people are excited about the project–we’ve been asked when it will be completed countless times by several people–hold tight! First things first; a trailer will be coming out… Continue reading


About a month ago, nobody had heard of Project A119. When a good friend of mine had shared the then unpopular Wikipedia article about the project, I delighted in the sheer comedy of… Continue reading